tpiAdrian Cochet is a leading TPI Certified Physiotherapist in Saskatoon and works with golfers of all ages and abilities to improve their golf game. This is one of our personal favourite SaskGolfer Podcasts!

Some of the popular services that Adrian offers are; 60-minute – TPI Screen and Assessment, Neurofascial Stretches or 1 on 1 Physiotherapy Sessions, Unlimited Custom Made and Targeted Gym Programs, Unlimited Custom Made and Targeted Mobility and Stability Programs and much more.

“The golf swing can only be performed as well as the body doing the swinging”, states Adrian. “There is no one size fits all approach that will work when it comes to golf as everyBODY moves differently and has its own movement patterns. This becomes critical to understand when dealing with athletes. Through the Titleist Performance Institute, we have been able to evaluate a person’s biomechanics and estimate the common swing characteristics they might demonstrate just by understanding how their body allows them to move. There are multiple ways to hit a golf ball, but an individual’s body will be a major factor in the way that looks. Through a full biomechanical TPI Screen we can begin to assess and address certain areas of concern that will be a barrier in an individual’s capacity to swing the golf club efficiently and effectively. If the biomechanics can be corrected or improved, so will their ability to swing the golf club”.

Adrian can be reached at Mackie Physiotherapy in Saskatoon.

Visit the Mackie Physiotherapy website to learn more … MACKIE PHYSIOTHERAPY

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