Divots Indoor GolfIndoor Golf in Saskatchewan is thriving!! We caught up with Alexis (pictured at left) of Divots Indoor Golf recently to discuss the popularity of indoor golf and what golfers of all ages will experience when visiting Divots. We’ve personally visited Divots and have to say it’s one of the most welcoming golf facilities we’ve ever been to!!

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, and Alexis walks us through how they have successfully adapted to new guidelines and protocols for servicing the golfing public.

Divots Indoor Golf is the largest and newest state-of-the-art indoor golf facility in Regina, Saskatchewan. It is the only facility in Saskatchewan with seven PGA approved aboutGolf® simulators with 80 courses to choose from and multiple practice options connected with the aG Flix video analysis technology. With 5,800 square feet of space, their simulator bays are the largest in Regina at 16′ x 20′.  Divots offers the ability to take in a full round of golf inside a premium indoor golf facility, facilitating the ability to continue to practice and train during the harsh Saskatchewan winters.

Divots is open from early October to late April every year.

Visit the DIVOTS INDOOR GOLF website to learn more … DIVOTS INDOOR GOLF

  • 1:00 The Divots Indoor Golf Experience
  • 4:00 Relationship with PGA of Saskatchewan Professionals
  • 6:00 Supporting Local
  • 8:30 Junior Golf
  • 11:30 Booking Golf at Divots
  • 16:00 Simulator Technology
  • 18:00 Alexis' own golf game
  • 24:00 Indoor Golf Growth
  • 27:30 Divots on Social Media
  • 29:00 Off The Hosel
  • 33:30 Working Through COVID
  • 37:30 What to Eat at Divots
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