Carrie VerishagenCarrie Verishagen is a Registered Dietitian and a developing competitive female golfer here in Saskatchewan. As a University of Saskatchewan Huskie volleyball alumni and multi-sport athlete, Carrie has been climbing the ranks of women’s amateur golf.

In this SaskGolfer Podcast, Carrie discusses how young college players, and competitive golfers in general, can improve their golf through proper nutrition.

Carrie explains, “As a huskie volleyball alumni and multi-sport athlete, I can say that my extensive athletic background has grounded my interest in competitive golf. Along my journey I was very fortunate to have crossed paths with some very experienced players, including Dean Prosky, who saw me helplessly grinding on the range and took me under his wing. As intimidating as it was, he invited me to play with some amazing male competitors and it wasn’t until then that I really started to improve. Most recently I have been working with PGA Professional Clinton Schmaultz at the Willows who has also been an amazing swing coach and support. All in all, I have worked very hard at my game and brought my handicap down from about a 23 down to a 7 within four years and have met some very amazing supportive people from the golf community along the way. Eliminating big errors is still a work in progress and therefore I still have a lot of work to do if I truly want to compete with some of the top amateur women in the province.”

Thanks for the great insight Carrie!

Learn more about Nutrition by visiting the Eat Well Saskatchewan website

Show Notes

  • 3:50 Reaction to the Re-open Saskatchewan Plan
  • 7:55 Women's Golf in Saskatchewan
  • 20:05 CP Women's Open 2018
  • 21:27 Driving Range Practice
  • 30:45 Carrie's Advice on Golf Nutrition
  • 35:20 Staying Hydrated during a round of golf
  • 36:19 Effects of Alcohol on your golf game
  • 43:00 Pre-round and Post-round Nutrition
  • 45:00 What's in the Golf Bag - Nutrition
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