An accomplished business person, Troy has managed to combine his dual passions of computers and golf. 20 years ago he started in the golf business in back-shop operations, quickly moving his way through the maintenance crew, and on up to Assistant Professional to the VP of Operations within the franchise system LTS LeaderBoard Corp. His experience was gained working under the direct guidance of the President and CEO, Mr. Gerry Lev (former President of Subway® Developments of British Columbia).   This foundational training has given Troy a solid understanding of how to run a successful franchise business.

In this SaskGolfer Podcast episode, Scott Allan and Troy discuss the obstacles that Troy has overcome in 2020 to successfully continue on managing Golf Events in the Vancouver area. Charity Golf Events, Golf Tournaments and Golf Championships can all benefit from Troy’s wealth of experience.

Live Scoring for Golf Tournaments and Events

Troy talks about the many benefits of Live Scoring. Troy’s 5 years experience in real-time scoring has shown that providing devices or iPads for scoring gives golfers the best opportunity to enjoy the tournament.  Asking participants to download an app using their own phone/data can be a recipe for disaster.  What happens if they don’t have enough battery life?  What if they didn’t bring their phone? Who monitors any issues that arise?  Can they learn the app quickly to use it reliably?

Thanks very much for your time Troy!

Visit Troy’s iScoreGolf business website  …iScoreGolf Website

Troy Slogocki Podcast Notes

  • 1:05 Re-open Saskatchewan Plan
  • 6:00 Troy discusses 2020 Golf Events
  • 9:25 Golf Event / Golf Course comunication
  • 12:00 Tee Time Options for Tournaments
  • 16:50 Food Options for 2020 Events
  • 21:30 Live Scoring
  • 30:20 Easy Golf Tour Scoring
  • 37:00 Sponsor Support for 2020 Events
  • 46:00 Fundraising in 2020
  • 51:15 Golf Events in British Columbia
  • 53:20 Contact Troy
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