May 29, 2020

SaskGolfer Launches 2020 Podcasts

Always striving to better serve the Saskatchewan Golfing Community, we have introduced the SaskGolfer Podcasts service in June of 2020.

The SaskGolfer Podcasts … What are we trying to do?

On the SaskGolfer Podcasts, we will talk with some of Saskatchewan’s dedicated Golf Course Managers, Golf Course Owners, PGA of Canada – Saskatchewan Zone Professionals and the casual, recreational golfers. We’ll mix in some special guests as we go, ones who are immersed in the Saskatchewan Golfing Community.

Why another Podcast focusing on golf here in Saskatchewan? Well, for one, there are plenty of great people in Saskatchewan who are wanting to voice their opinions on growing golf. People can voice their opinions on Facebook, but we’d rather hear their voice and talk to them directly…it’s much better that way!

There are so many dedicated, passionate golfers in the province of Saskatchewan. Along with their dedication to golf, our guests are equally dedicated to their work and business. We’ve been approached by some talented members of the Saskatchewan Business Community who want to help share their success stories with the SaskGolfer Community.

We’ve had some amazing Guests right out of the gate on the SaskGolfer Podcasts, including;

  • Richard “Hilly” Hillestad
  • Jeff Will / RE/MAX Real Estate Agent
  • Rob Lozinski / Synergy 8 Community Builders
  • Dean Prosky / Scotia Wealth Management
  • Clinton Schmaltz / PGA of Saskatchewan
  • Carrie Verishagen / Registered Dietitian
  • Sam Wills / PGA of Saskatchewan
  • Troy Slogocki / iScoreGolf
  • Jeff Chambers / PGA of Saskatchewan
  • Fraser Mulholland / Vancouver Golf Tour

Thanks for joining us as we continue to grow golf here in Saskatchewan.

Scott Allan / Owner, and SaskGolfer Digital Magazines

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